Champion-Making: Inside Be A Champ Singapore Badminton School Excellence

An uncompromising commitment to complete training, high-quality facilities, a legacy of success stories, and active community engagement makes Be A Champ the champion-making badminton school in Singapore. For those aspiring to conquer the badminton arena, Be A Champ Badminton Academy in Singapore is not just a school; it’s the pathway to becoming a true champion.

The Be A Champ Approach: Unveiling Training Methodologies

Its innovative and effective training methodologies are at the core of Be A Champ’s success. The academy employs a holistic approach, combining technical prowess with mental resilience. 

Coaches at Be A Champ, equipped with a wealth of experience, tailor their strategies to each player’s unique strengths and weaknesses. The focus extends beyond perfecting the shuttlecock stroke – nurturing a champion’s mindset and fostering a spirit of unwavering determination.

The synergy of skill development, strategic training modules, and psychological coaching sets Be A Champ apart as a Singapore badminton school of unparalleled distinction. The academy’s commitment to individualized coaching ensures that every aspiring player receives the attention needed to reach their full potential.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Where Excellence Finds Its Space

Its cutting-edge facilities are vital to Be A Champ’s journey to excellence. The badminton academy boasts state-of-the-art badminton courts equipped with the latest technology. The meticulously designed training spaces provide the ideal environment for athletes to hone their skills.

From dedicated training areas to modern fitness facilities, Be A Champ ensures every student can access the tools necessary for success. The academy’s commitment to maintaining top-notch infrastructure underscores its dedication to creating an environment where champions are crafted.

Success Stories: Inspiring the Next Generation of Badminton Champions

The accurate measure of a badminton school’s excellence lies in the success stories it cultivates. Be A Champ takes pride in the achievements of its students, who have risen to national and international acclaim. These success stories testify to the academy’s unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and instilling a passion for the sport.

From local tournaments to representing Singapore on the global stage, Be A Champ alums are living proof that the academy’s champion-making formula works. Their achievements inspire the current generation of aspiring players to dream big and work hard.

Community Engagement: Fostering a Culture of Excellence

Beyond the confines of the academy, Be A Champ is actively involved in fostering a badminton community in Singapore. The academy organizes events, workshops, and outreach programs to promote the sport and identify latent talent. 

This community engagement contributes to the growth of badminton at both grassroots and elite levels, reinforcing Be A Champ’s role as a cornerstone in Singapore’s badminton landscape.

Be A Champ – Where Badminton Champions are Nurtured

In conclusion, Be A Champ Badminton Academy’s commitment to developing its students as athletes and individuals cement its position as a premier badminton school in Singapore.

Aspiring players seeking a nurturing environment that fosters champion-making should look no further than Be A Champ Badminton Academy. The synergy of personalized coaching, top-tier facilities, and a legacy of success make it a standout choice for those aiming to soar to new heights in badminton. 

Embrace the journey to excellence at Be A Champ – where champions are not just made but crafted with precision, passion, and a touch of Singaporean flair.


Beginner Level 1
Forehand Grip
Backhand Grip
Changing of Grip
1st Six Basic Footdrills
Lobbing Swing
Basic Footwork:
1.      Straight Smash Follow Up (1 type)
2.      Netting Footwork (1 type)
3.      Lobbing Footwork (1 type)
4.      Receiving Smash Footwork (1 type)
Basic Strokes:
1.      Straight Lob
2.      Straight Smash
3.      Straight Net
4.      Forehand/ Backhand Straight Lift
5.      Straight High Serve
6.      Straight Block Net

Intermediate Level 1
1st Nine Basic Footdrills (Changes to 3 steps and receiving smash combine with shuffle backwards) New Skip Netting Footdrills
Basic Footwork:
1.      Mirror and Reserves
2.      6 Corner pick up Shuttles
New Strokes:
1.      9 o’clock Cross Drop
2.      Flick Serve
3.      Straight Flick
4.      C – Spinning Net
5.      Type 1 Cross Net (Front Contact Point)
6.      Cross Drive
Multiple Shuttles (Combining Running with Basic Shot with Slightly faster serving):
1.       N-Shape Multiples
2.       V- Shape Multiples
3.       Lobbing Multiples
4.       Netting Multiples
5.       Both side receiving Smash multiples