Schedule: Friday 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Schedule: Sunday 11.00 am - 1.00 pm

Schedule: Sunday 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm

Eldora Siang

Coach Eldora is a Singapore Badminton Coach and one of our few lady coaches that just join the company huge fleet of coaches. She has been coaching for more than 5 years doing part time and full time. As a captain during her schooling days in the badminton team, she has developed not only just individual skills set but also other skills like leadership, resilience, discipline and proactiveness. She is constantly assisting her school team coach in guiding her juniors and that explain why she is already very hand on in coaching when she first step into this field. She has been coaching secondary and primary schools’ students with good feedback from parents and teachers. Being the lady coach have her advantageous as she has been always very sensitive to her students emotionally aspect and not just skills set. She always emphasizes on using encouraging words, to build a supportive atmosphere while providing a positive reinforcement to increase the players’ self-esteem, drive, and interest to pick up badminton as a life sport. If you are looking for a Coach is the friendly, patient and preferred a female, she is definitely one of your choices to consider. One of her strengths is to build a strong foundation and interest for young and new kids.


Beginner Level 1
Forehand Grip
Backhand Grip
Changing of Grip
1st Six Basic Footdrills
Lobbing Swing
Basic Footwork:
1.      Straight Smash Follow Up (1 type)
2.      Netting Footwork (1 type)
3.      Lobbing Footwork (1 type)
4.      Receiving Smash Footwork (1 type)
Basic Strokes:
1.      Straight Lob
2.      Straight Smash
3.      Straight Net
4.      Forehand/ Backhand Straight Lift
5.      Straight High Serve
6.      Straight Block Net

Intermediate Level 1
1st Nine Basic Footdrills (Changes to 3 steps and receiving smash combine with shuffle backwards) New Skip Netting Footdrills
Basic Footwork:
1.      Mirror and Reserves
2.      6 Corner pick up Shuttles
New Strokes:
1.      9 o’clock Cross Drop
2.      Flick Serve
3.      Straight Flick
4.      C – Spinning Net
5.      Type 1 Cross Net (Front Contact Point)
6.      Cross Drive
Multiple Shuttles (Combining Running with Basic Shot with Slightly faster serving):
1.       N-Shape Multiples
2.       V- Shape Multiples
3.       Lobbing Multiples
4.       Netting Multiples
5.       Both side receiving Smash multiples