Schedule: Sunday 9.00 am - 11.00 am

Schedule: Sunday 11.00 am - 1.00 pm

Schedule: Tuesday 3.00pm-5.00pm

Azmil Tan

Coach Azmil is a Singapore Badminton Coach that have been in this industry for more than 12 years. During this period, he has taken schools from a wide range of age and level. His coaching has touch students from primary schools all the way to university including both genders. He is a strong believer of inculcating kids with good character and traits from young especially discipline, resilient and determination. He might be fierce when needed to let his students learn but his coaching belief and his life philosophy always help him gain back the heart of all his students.
Below are some of the school highest results that his team have attained:
- Raffles’ Girls Primary National 2nd (NSG) Junior Division
- Fairfield Methodist Boys Zonal Champion (NSG) Senior Boys
- Fairfield Methodist Boys National Top 8 (NSG) Senior Boys
- SIT – 4th in SUNNIG 2022
- Students Individual Tournament Top 8
- Students in National Intermediate Squad
- Successful DSA to famous schools
With so much to share, he is very popular not only to his students but teachers and parents too. If you are looking for someone to discipline your child, he will be the right coach to look for and at the same time not losing interest in the sport. His versatile character makes him able to handle any types of students when the situation arises.


Beginner Level 1
Forehand Grip
Backhand Grip
Changing of Grip
1st Six Basic Footdrills
Lobbing Swing
Basic Footwork:
1.      Straight Smash Follow Up (1 type)
2.      Netting Footwork (1 type)
3.      Lobbing Footwork (1 type)
4.      Receiving Smash Footwork (1 type)
Basic Strokes:
1.      Straight Lob
2.      Straight Smash
3.      Straight Net
4.      Forehand/ Backhand Straight Lift
5.      Straight High Serve
6.      Straight Block Net

Intermediate Level 1
1st Nine Basic Footdrills (Changes to 3 steps and receiving smash combine with shuffle backwards) New Skip Netting Footdrills
Basic Footwork:
1.      Mirror and Reserves
2.      6 Corner pick up Shuttles
New Strokes:
1.      9 o’clock Cross Drop
2.      Flick Serve
3.      Straight Flick
4.      C – Spinning Net
5.      Type 1 Cross Net (Front Contact Point)
6.      Cross Drive
Multiple Shuttles (Combining Running with Basic Shot with Slightly faster serving):
1.       N-Shape Multiples
2.       V- Shape Multiples
3.       Lobbing Multiples
4.       Netting Multiples
5.       Both side receiving Smash multiples