What Beginners Must Consider for Badminton Lessons in Singapore

If you’re a beginner looking to dive into badminton lessons in Singapore, there are several essential considerations to ensure a fulfilling and enjoyable learning process. Let’s explore these key aspects step by step.

1. Choose Reputable Badminton Lessons in Singapore

Before delving into the badminton lessons, finding the right fit for your needs is crucial. Seek out reputable academies in Singapore that offer comprehensive badminton classes. 

This step is essential to receive high-quality badminton coaching and a well-rounded learning experience. Consider the academy’s reputation, coaching staff credentials, and various classes they provide.

BeAChamp Badminton Academy, renowned for its commitment to excellence, is a prime example of a reputable institution offering top-notch badminton lessons in Singapore. With experienced coaches and a track record of nurturing players of all levels, BeAChamp is an ideal choice for those looking to begin their badminton journey on a solid foundation.

2. Assess Your Badminton Skill Level

Whether stepping onto the badminton court for the first time or having some basic skills, evaluating your current level is a fundamental step. Badminton lessons in Singapore often cater to diverse skill levels, ensuring that each participant receives the appropriate guidance and training tailored to their abilities.

As a beginner, joining a class that aligns with your skill level will boost your confidence and facilitate a smoother learning curve. BeAChamp Badminton Academy, with its inclusive approach, caters to beginners and more advanced players alike, offering a personalised learning experience to enhance your skills.

3. Understanding the Class Structure

Before committing to badminton lessons in Singapore, take the time to familiarise yourself with the badminton class structure. Knowing the frequency of sessions, the duration of each class, and the overall course duration is essential for effective planning. This information allows you to make a commitment that aligns with your schedule and lifestyle.

Be A Champ Badminton Academy stands out not only for its exceptional badminton coaching but also for its transparent and well-organised class structure. With clearly defined schedules and flexible options, BeAChamp ensures that participants can seamlessly integrate badminton lessons into their routines, making the learning process convenient and enjoyable.

4. Equipment and Attire

When embarking on your badminton journey in Singapore, ensuring you have the right equipment and attire is paramount. This contributes to your comfort and significantly enhances your overall learning experience. Here’s a closer look at the key components:

Quality Racket

Investing in a quality racket is fundamental for any aspiring badminton player. The racket is your primary tool on the court, impacting your game’s performance and feel. Badminton lessons in Singapore often stress the importance of selecting a racket that suits your playing style and skill level.

Comfortable Sportswear

Wearing comfortable sportswear is more than just a matter of aesthetics—it directly influences your mobility and ease of movement during the game. Opt for breathable fabrics that allow flexibility, keeping you comfortable and focused throughout your badminton classes in Singapore.

Non-Marking Shoes

Indoor badminton courts typically have specific requirements, and non-marking shoes are necessary. These shoes help maintain the court’s surface integrity while providing you with the required grip for swift movements. Prioritise comfort and support when selecting your badminton footwear.

5. Focus on Fundamentals

Mastering the fundamentals is the cornerstone of any successful badminton journey, especially for beginners. A reputable badminton coaching programme in Singapore will place significant emphasis on these fundamental aspects:

Proper Grip

Learning the correct grip is the foundation of your badminton technique. Coaches in Singapore stress the importance of finding a grip that balances control and power, setting the stage for more advanced skills.


Effective footwork is vital to manoeuvre around the court swiftly and maintain proper positioning. Badminton lessons in Singapore will guide beginners through essential footwork drills, ensuring a solid foundation for advanced play.

Basic Strokes

Understanding and mastering basic strokes, such as the forehand and backhand, is crucial. A good badminton coaching programme will break down these techniques, allowing beginners to grasp the essentials before progressing to more intricate moves.

6. Small Class Sizes for Personalised Attention

The class size in your chosen badminton coaching programme can significantly impact your learning experience. Opting for badminton classes in Singapore with smaller sizes offers several advantages:

Personalised Attention

Smaller badminton class sizes mean more one-on-one time with your coach. This personalised attention allows for tailored feedback and corrections, accelerating your skill development.

Effective Feedback

Constructive feedback is a crucial component of improvement. With a smaller group, badminton coaches in Singapore can provide individualised guidance, ensuring that you grasp and implement corrections effectively.

Enhanced Learning Environment

A more intimate badminton class setting fosters a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Interaction with fellow players becomes more meaningful, creating a positive atmosphere for skill enhancement.

7. Regular Practice

Consistent and dedicated practice is the backbone of skill development in badminton. When engaging in badminton lessons in Singapore, making time for regular practice outside of scheduled classes is imperative. This reinforces the techniques and strategies learned during sessions and contributes significantly to steady progress.

8. Set Realistic Goals

In the pursuit of mastering badminton skills, setting realistic and attainable goals is paramount. Whether you’re a beginner or progressing to the next level, establishing specific objectives can enhance your motivation and focus during badminton lessons in Singapore. 

These goals can range from improving a particular stroke to enhancing overall fitness.

Embarking on badminton lessons in Singapore is an excellent way to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle while honing your badminton skills. Consider your skill level, class structure, and the importance of personal attention when choosing the right badminton coaching programme. 

Remember to practice regularly and set realistic goals to maximise your learning experience.

The Best Badminton Lessons in Singapore

If you’re looking for a reputable badminton academy in Singapore, consider Be A Champ Badminton Academy. With experienced coaches and a commitment to nurturing players at all skill levels, Be A Champ Badminton Academy provides top-notch badminton lessons in Singapore

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Beginner Level 1
Forehand Grip
Backhand Grip
Changing of Grip
1st Six Basic Footdrills
Lobbing Swing
Basic Footwork:
1.      Straight Smash Follow Up (1 type)
2.      Netting Footwork (1 type)
3.      Lobbing Footwork (1 type)
4.      Receiving Smash Footwork (1 type)
Basic Strokes:
1.      Straight Lob
2.      Straight Smash
3.      Straight Net
4.      Forehand/ Backhand Straight Lift
5.      Straight High Serve
6.      Straight Block Net

Intermediate Level 1
1st Nine Basic Footdrills (Changes to 3 steps and receiving smash combine with shuffle backwards) New Skip Netting Footdrills
Basic Footwork:
1.      Mirror and Reserves
2.      6 Corner pick up Shuttles
New Strokes:
1.      9 o’clock Cross Drop
2.      Flick Serve
3.      Straight Flick
4.      C – Spinning Net
5.      Type 1 Cross Net (Front Contact Point)
6.      Cross Drive
Multiple Shuttles (Combining Running with Basic Shot with Slightly faster serving):
1.       N-Shape Multiples
2.       V- Shape Multiples
3.       Lobbing Multiples
4.       Netting Multiples
5.       Both side receiving Smash multiples