BE a Champ Badminton Academy Singapore has motivated many athletes to improve their skills and deepen their understanding of badminton. With profound years of badminton coaching experience with training beginners, intermediate and competent players, our badminton coaches provide a comprehensive training programme tailored to players’ skill sets. For those who are new to the sport, we help to acquire proper techniques that nurture you to reach your dream. For Intermediate players, we help in the advancement of your skills and improve your tactical awareness. For players who are already competent, we do in-depth coaching analysis to build your multi-dimensional physical fitness and train you to condition your body for competitions.

In our badminton coaching center, we have badminton enthusiasts who are all highly regarded members of the badminton community in Singapore. The promotion of the badminton sport is led by our special team of our Badminton Training center. They have plans that strengthens the talent channel by building a base of players of multi-generation, recruiting players through local schools, and conducting Association matches for foreign players.


Beginner Level 1
Forehand Grip
Backhand Grip
Changing of Grip
1st Six Basic Footdrills
Lobbing Swing
Basic Footwork:
1.      Straight Smash Follow Up (1 type)
2.      Netting Footwork (1 type)
3.      Lobbing Footwork (1 type)
4.      Receiving Smash Footwork (1 type)
Basic Strokes:
1.      Straight Lob
2.      Straight Smash
3.      Straight Net
4.      Forehand/ Backhand Straight Lift
5.      Straight High Serve
6.      Straight Block Net

Intermediate Level 1
1st Nine Basic Footdrills (Changes to 3 steps and receiving smash combine with shuffle backwards) New Skip Netting Footdrills
Basic Footwork:
1.      Mirror and Reserves
2.      6 Corner pick up Shuttles
New Strokes:
1.      9 o’clock Cross Drop
2.      Flick Serve
3.      Straight Flick
4.      C – Spinning Net
5.      Type 1 Cross Net (Front Contact Point)
6.      Cross Drive
Multiple Shuttles (Combining Running with Basic Shot with Slightly faster serving):
1.       N-Shape Multiples
2.       V- Shape Multiples
3.       Lobbing Multiples
4.       Netting Multiples
5.       Both side receiving Smash multiples